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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers from XpertsApp

Dedicated developers deliver what no other engagement model does. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring dedicated developers.

Easy & Swift Communication

Increased Productivity

Cost-Effective Hiring

Save Your Time

Choose Your Developer

Security & Code Ownership

Hire Developers of Multiple Skillsets

At XpertsApp, we make sure that whatever you need from us, we deliver it to you. Our software development teams have a variety of skillsets to fit your needs.

  • Our Android developers for hire are skilled and experienced and fully capable of taking on all the challenging tasks that you have for them. With years of dedicated development for top companies worldwide, they have proven their mettle at the highest stage.

  • XpertsApps iOS development teams have proficient iPhone developers that are experienced in developing incredible mobile applications. With the experience of multiple technologies, you can leverage their expertise to get your projects completed by the best.

  • Hire Swift Developer

    Swift app developers are in high demand to develop the next generation mobile applications for the changing world. Hire dedicated developer for Swift development project and get an exquisite mobile app made for you from the best talent of today in the industry.

  • For all your wide-ranging mobile app development needs, hire mobile app developer from XpertsApp today and get started with your project. With an extensive technology stack and multiple skillsets, this is your best chance to hire an expert developer to get your project completed.

  • Hire AI Engineer

    Artificial intelligence is among the leading technologies worldwide. Hire AI engineer from XpertsApp today to build the leading intelligent systems of tomorrow. Our developers understand the significance of AI and have worked in Silicon Valley companies, so we know what needs to be done.

  • Hire Blockchain Developer

    The need for secure, quick, and reliable systems is growing, and blockchain technology can be your savior. Our experienced blockchain developers for hire provide you the chance to build your own blockchain and enter into a new world of amazing possibilities.

  • Hire Full Stack Developer

    Hire professional full-stack developer from XpertsApp today and get the best experience and digital solution developed for all your needs. Hire dedicated developers today and witness them turning your thoughts and ideas into feature-rich, functional and beautiful software.

  • Our web app developers for hire provide you the chance to excel by developing amazing web applications. Get optimized, responsive, and feature-loaded applications built by industry experts. Hire a dedicated developer to get started with your project.

  • Hire PHP Developer

    PHP is still the first choice of most of developers around the globe. From CodeIgnitor to Laravel to CakePHP to Core PHP, our expert developers for hire know how to develop a perfect system for you to fulfill all our PHP development needs. Hire a developer today.

  • Hire Frontend Developer

    To develop a stunning user interface, our frontend developers are a perfect choice. Hire frontend developer today from XpertsApp and get all your frontend projects completed seamlessly. No matter how big or small the projects are, we do all of them passionately.

  • Hire Backend Developer

    We understand that without backend development, many projects are incomplete. Hire backend developers from us today and get all your backend development tasks completed by expert development with command on multiple modern technologies.

  • The gaming industry is among the most profitable industry worldwide. So, if you are planning to get your own game developed, our expert developers for hire will get your job done conveniently. Hire a game developer from XpertsApp today and get started with your game development project.

Why Hire Our Dedicated Software Developers?

Our dedicated software developers for hire provide you with a chance to turn your dreams into a reality. Here are a few additional benefits you get when hiring developers from XpertsApp.

Global Talent

Diverse Skillsets

Multiple Technology Stacks

Experienced Teams

Young Leadership

230+ Projects Completed

How to Hire Dedicated Developers from XpertsApp?

When you are ready to hire dedicated software developers from XpertsApp, the undermentioned process will help you get through easily. Follow the process to get started instantly.


Leave Your Query

The first step is where you get in touch with us and leave your query to begin the process. Our representative will get in touch with you to proceed further.

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Explain Your Requirements

The next step is where you explain your requirements. Don’t worry; all of this is protected by an NDA, so anything you discuss or share with us will remain confidential.

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Choose Your Vetted Developer

Once we know your requirements, you get a list of vetted developers. You go through the list to choose the profile of the developer you like the most.

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Initiate Hiring

Once you have chosen the profile, we will check the availability and timeline and share it with you. Then it is up to you and the developer to communicate and proceed with the project.

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Have you made up your mind to hire dedicated developer for your project?

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How to Hire Dedicated Offshore Development Team?

If you have a large-scale project, hiring a single developer won’t work for you. For that, we provide you with another model where you hire a completely dedicated offshore development team to get your project completed in time. With this, pace your work accordingly.

Discuss Your Project

The first step of hiring an offshore development team is to discuss your project details with us. Protected by an NDA, everything that you share with us remains with us.

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Get Scoping Done

Once we have the details, we get the scoping done and suggest suitable staffing options for your dedicated offshore development team for your large-scale project.

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Finalize Resources

You get multiple recommendations that you can choose from. The final approval comes from you. So whatever you decide, just finalize the resources and let us know your choices.

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Initiate The Project

Once we have processed everything, you get a separate dedicated communication channel or person assigned to you that shares all the details. Your team is now ready to start working.

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Ready to hire a team of experienced developers to complete your project?

Connect with our representatives today and get started withyour project instantly. Discuss the details now. Be assured that we won’t take much of your time to process. Let’s begin.

Get Technologies That Optimize and Expand Your Business


  • JAVA
  • Kotlin


  • Firebase
  • SQlite
  • Realm

FRP & networking

  • Rx Java
  • Robolectric
  • JUnit
  • Mokito

Having Trouble Deciding What You Want?

Are you confused about whether to hire a dedicated software developer or a complete team for your project? Share your concerns with our experts directly to get the best piece of advice. Connect now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I hire dedicated developers?
There are multiple benefits of hiring dedicated developers. Firstly, you get the freedom to instruct them as per your requirements and also assign ad-hoc work whenever you want. Secondly, you get to choose from a variety of skill sets, so you can get the right candidate for your job. Last but not least, you save significant time and money when hiring the developer.
2. How much do I have to pay for the developers?
The pay generally varies from one developer to another. It depends on multiple factors. Let’s see them: o The complexity of your project o The timeline of your project o The technology you have chosen for development o The experience of the developer o Location of the developer and your requirements There are some other factors as well, but the ones we have discussed usually matter the most. Yet, you might be paying anywhere from $20/hr. to $65/hr.
3. What will be the timeline for my project’s completion?
It again depends on your project. There is no definitive timeline for your project’s development. It might take from one week to one year or even more. You can discuss the details with us to know more about the development timeline.
4. What project management practices do you follow?
We keep ourselves updated with the latest industry trends and modern practices. At the moment, we strictly follow the agile methodology and have successfully implemented it in multiple departments at XpertsApp.
5. Should I hire a single developer or a complete team for my project?
It completely depends on your project's scope. You can discuss the details with us, and our experts will analyze the details and will let you know whether you need a single software developer for your project or a complete offshore development team.

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Our business required an experience-led application that would help users with budgeting and cost-saving. We were impressed with XpertsApp's approach to developing our digital product. They have the relevant expertise, and they understand what organizations are looking for.

Peter Swanson

XpertsApp is a revolutionary company on a mission to disrupt digital product development. They built my application with extreme precision. The processes, communication, and technical expertise were amazing. Would surely work with them again in the future.

Jessica Robbins

Through sheer performance and agility, XpertsApp proved that they're really the best in the digital product development domain. All the deadlines were abided, tasks were completed and delivered on time, and the overall experience of working with them was great. I would surely recommend them!

Lauretta Bernard

Scaling an IT infrastructure company is challenging; hence we outsourced our web development to XpertsApp, and this was one of the best decisions that we took in 2022. The well-vetted project managers were able to quickly onboard our project while allocating talent for our web development. Their process was impressive, and the website was even more impressive. They're currently handling our web maintenance and support.

Willey Sam


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