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Using big data analytics on AWS, companies can maximize the value of their data and achieve their business goals. With its Big Data Analytics Services, XpertsApp helps clients benefit from the big data environment by providing consulting, implementation, and support. In the era of information, big data is the cornerstone of insightful decision-making. At XpertsApp, we specialize in Big Data Services that transform vast amounts of unstructured data into actionable insights, helping businesses to strategize and innovate with precision and foresight.

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XpertsApp's Big Data Analytics Service Providers

Big Data Consulting

  • Implementation and evolution strategies for big data.
  • Management recommendations for data quality.
  • An overview of an optimal technology stack for big data solutions.
  • Strategies for user adoption.
  • Demonstration of a concept (for complicated projects).

Big Data Implementation

  • Having big data requires analysis.
  • Architecture and design of big data solutions.
  • Development of big data solutions (a data lake, a data warehouse, ETL/ELT setup, data analysis (SQL and NoSQL), big data reporting, and dashboarding).
  • Governance procedures for big data (quality, security, etc.)
  • Development of machine learning models.

Big Data Support

  • Administration of big data solutions.
  • Updating big data software.
  • Handling permissions and adding new users.
  • Management of big data.
  • Cleaning big data.
  • Backup and recovery of large amounts of data.
  • Checking the health of big data solutions.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of big data solutions.
Big Data Solution Provider

Big Data Managed Analytics Services

  • Infrastructure setup and support for big data solutions.
  • Extracting and managing big data.
  • Development and tuning of machine learning models.
  • Reports are being prepared in advance and ad hoc (within several weeks of our collaboration beginning).
  • The evolution of big data solutions.

Big Data Analytics Use Cases

Analyses of big data that are industry-neutral

Big data warehousing

  • Analysis and reporting of business processes, finances, resources, customers, etc., stored in a database.
  • Analyses of corporate performance.
  • Analyses of revenue, costs, and investments.
  • The ability to predict, forecast, and plan (performance, revenue, capacity, etc.) with all the interdependencies involved.

Operational analytics

  • Collect, process, and store large volumes of operational data (transactions, production processes, assets,
  • employee data, plans, etc.)
  • Identifying deviations and undesirable patterns in the operation of a company (production processes, distribution of products, etc.)
  • Conducting cause-effect analyses of bottlenecks (equipment failure, resource unavailability, etc.).
  • The forecasting of demand, capacity, inventory, etc.
  • Operational risk management and what-if scenario modeling.

Our Big Data Solutions

Data Collection and Management

Data Aggregation:

Gathering and integrating data from various sources.

Data Storage Solutions:

Implementing robust and scalable data storage solutions.

Data Processing and Analysis

Advanced Data Processing:

Utilizing state-of-the-art tools to process large datasets efficiently.

Data Analysis and Interpretation:

Extracting meaningful insights from complex data sets.

Custom Analytics Solutions

Bespoke Analytics:

Developing custom analytics solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Predictive Analytics:

Utilizing machine learning techniques to predict trends and behaviors.

Data Visualization and Reporting

Interactive Dashboards:

Creating user-friendly dashboards for easy interpretation of data insights.

Detailed Reporting:

Providing comprehensive reports to inform business strategy.

Data Security and Compliance

Data Security Measures:

Implementing stringent data security protocols.

Compliance Adherence:

Ensuring all solutions comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Why XpertsApp for Big Data?

Expertise in Big Data Technologies:

Our team is proficient in the latest big data tools and technologies.

Customized Solutions:

We believe in a tailored approach, ensuring solutions that align with your business objectives.

Actionable Insights:

Our focus is on providing insights that are directly applicable to your business strategies.

Our Success Stories

Discover how our Big Data Services have enabled businesses to unlock new opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

Empower Your Business with Data:

Ready to leverage big data for your business’s growth? Contact us to explore how our Big Data Services can transform your data into strategic assets.

Analyzing big data in specific industries


  • Real-time analysis of manufacturing data (equipment year, model, sensor data, error messages, engine temperature, etc.) for predicting equipment failures.
  • To identify factors that lead to an increase in production time and delays to optimize production, production processes, production equipment data, material usage, etc., must be monitored in real-time.


  • Patient-related data collection, storage, and analysis (doctor notes, medical images, EHR/EMR data, R&D results, etc.).
  • Alerts regarding trends and patterns that require the doctor's attention in real-time.
  • Recommendations for personalized care plans.
  • Fraudulent activity can be identified by mining claims data.
  • Healthcare supply chain optimization and planning can be achieved by forecasting supply demand, supplier risks, etc.

Financial services

  • To identify potential fraud and fraud patterns, we analyze integrated transactional data, interaction events, and customer behavior in real time, identify complex anti-money laundering transactions, and create advanced risk models.
  • Assessing credit risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, and other financial risks by consolidating and analyzing asset and liability data.

Transportation and logistics

  • Keeping track of and analyzing real-time sensor data about the delivery process (cargo status, location, etc.) is critical to ensuring the high-quality delivery of sensitive cargo.
  • Enabling dynamic route optimization by analyzing driver behavior, maintenance requirements, weather data, traffic data, and fuel consumption data in real-time.

Retail and eCommerce

  • Identifying customer paths and behavior, providing personalized product recommendations and providing discounts by analyzing customer demographics, mobile app data, and in-store purchases.
  • Utilizing ML-driven recommendations to create new products/services by forecasting customer demand, analyzing past and current products, and analyzing their commercial success.
  • To personalize customer support, launch tailored customer retention campaigns, and more, consolidating and analyzing data from social media, web visits, call logs, and more.
  • The analysis of transactions and spending patterns of your customers, the use of machine learning models to predict the future actions of your customers, the targeting of marketing and sales offers towards your most valuable customers, etc.

Oil and gas

  • Implementing analytics to facilitate predictive equipment maintenance by analyzing log and sensor data from various equipment types in real time.
  • To identify new oil deposits, drill and production process data are analyzed, seismic data is analyzed, etc.
  • Data analysis and ML-based prediction models for measuring well production and understanding usage.


  • Identifying areas of excess capacity and optimizing network capacity by analyzing network usage trends and patterns.
  • In order to increase customer retention, we analyze overall customer satisfaction, identify customer churn patterns, and recommend the most relevant products/services.

Are you interested in leveraging big data for your business?

To get valuable insights from previously untapped data assets, XpertsApp, one of the best big data consulting companies, helps businesses gather big data from numerous sources and consolidate and analyze it.

Our Big Data Solutions Cover the Following Technical Components:

Data Lake

Data Warehouse

ETL Processes

OLAP Cubes

Data Visualization

Data Science

Data Quality Management

Data Security

Technologies We Use for Big Data

Our big data projects most often use the following technologies:

Distributed Storage

Database Management

Data Management

Big Data Processing

Machine Learning

Programming Languages

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As a provider of Big Data Analytics Services, As one of the leading Data analytics services companies, XpertsApp is well-positioned to help your business increase efficiency and make better decisions using big data.


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