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Transforming Data into Insights and Action

XpertsApp assists companies in implementing new big data solutions or improving existing ones. We are excited to help with any project, whether it's a solution for corporate usage or a new disruptive product! In today’s data-driven world, the ability to harness and interpret big data is crucial for any business looking to thrive. XpertsApp’s Big Data Consulting Services are at the forefront of this transformation. We provide expert guidance and solutions to help you navigate the complex landscape of big data, turning vast amounts of information into valuable business insights.

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Our Big Data Analytics Services

Business Consulting

By utilizing big data in your business, we will demonstrate how it can benefit your processes and business. We will provide you with a big data adoption strategy, use cases, and requirements specification for the solution.

Big Data Consulting Services

Big data architecture (re)design

We ensure a high-performance, secure, resilient, cost-efficient, easy-to-maintain big data analytics architecture, regardless of whether it is an existing system or one we design.


Delivering End-to-End Solutions

Big data platforms and dedicated big data solutions can be planned, designed, developed, deployed, supported, and evolved by us.

Ensure end-to-end delivery

Big data Analytics and Visualization

Our goal is to help you gain valuable insights from your big data. We provide accurate and intuitive reports and dashboards based on our robust data warehouse and analytics solutions.


ML and AI Consulting Services

Using AI and machine learning, we solve challenges across industries. We will conceptualize, implement, and integrate your AI/ML solution using the optimal tech stack.


Big Data Management

By automating data quality management and monitoring and by handling data compliance and security professionals, we can help you.


Build your business with Big Data Solutions

Systems for Operational Big Data

  • IoT in the medical field.
  • Real-time anomaly detection automated.
  • Using ridesharing services.
  • Navigation in traffic.
  • Targeting ads in real-time.
  • Scoring is based on user propensity.
  • Management of stock quotes.
  • Detection of security breaches on networks.
  • Appliances that are connected to the Internet.
  • Among them are online video games.

Analytical Big Data Systems

  • Analyses of corporate performance.
  • Planned operations and strategic initiatives.
  • Analysis of causes and effects, forecasting, and prediction of operational performance.
  • Keeping track of customer data and storing it.
  • Modeling customer behavior and segmenting customers.
  • Discounts, product recommendations, and personalized marketing.
  • Management of customer churn, among others.

Our Consulting Approach

Systems for Operational Big Data

Strategic Planning:

Working with you to develop a big data strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Technology Assessment:

Evaluating and recommending the right big data technologies and tools for your needs.

Data Architecture and Integration

Data Systems Design:

Designing a scalable and robust data architecture to support your big data initiatives.

Data Integration:

Seamlessly integrating data from various sources for a unified view.

Data Analysis and Insights

Advanced Analytics:

Employing advanced analytics techniques to uncover deep insights from your data.

Predictive Modeling:

Utilizing predictive models to forecast trends and inform business strategies.

Data Governance and Compliance

Data Quality Management:

Ensuring the integrity and quality of your data.

Regulatory Compliance:

Advising on data governance practices to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Training and Support

Staff Training:

Empowering your team with the knowledge to leverage big data tools and techniques.

Ongoing Support:

Providing continuous support and advice as your big data journey evolves.

Why Partner with XpertsApp?

Expertise in Big Data:

Our consultants are seasoned experts in the field of big data, offering in-depth knowledge and experience.

Tailored Solutions:

We provide customized consulting that caters specifically to your business needs and challenges.

Result-Oriented Approach:

Our focus is on delivering practical, actionable solutions that drive real business results.

Success Stories

Explore case studies where we’ve helped businesses harness the power of big data to drive growth and innovation.

Start Your Big Data Journey:

Embark on your big data journey with XpertsApp. Contact us to learn how our consulting services can help you unlock the full potential of your data.

Technologies We Use for Big Data

Our big data projects most often use the following technologies:

Distributed Storage

Database Management

Data Management

Big Data Processing

Machine Learning

Programming Languages

Invest in Professionals at XpertsApp for Your Big Data Project

As a provider of Big Data Analytics Services, As one of the leading Data analytics services companies, XpertsApp is well-positioned to help your business increase efficiency and make better decisions using big data.


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